VOSS Solutions

UC Management from the cloud

VOSS UC management is now available as a cloud-based service.

What’s included?

The same popular products offered by VOSS for on premise deployments are included in the Management as a Service (MaaS) offering. There is no difference in the features and functionality. So the same single pane of glass management, robust analytics, and intuitive self-services are available both on premise and from the cloud.

  • Products

    • VOSS-4-UC
    • Self-service
    • Analytics
  • Services

    • Deployment and configuration services
    • “Ask-the-expert” training

What are the benefits?

  • Packaged solution

    MaaS is a packaged solution which means we offer a single price for VOSS-4-UC including self-service, analytics and expert services

  • Quick deployment

    Deployment is fast and VOSS-led to get you up and running quickly

  • Low maintenance

    Your service will be monitored by VOSS which eliminates the maintenance needs of an on premise solution

  • Optional services

    VOSS from the cloud still allows for optional adaptation services, as needed, to implement higher levels of customization and integration.

Benefits for Managed Service Providers

  • Low cost

    MaaS eliminates the need to build a separate NOC, it is a low cost way to create or grow your business

  • Branded service

    Offer a branded service; you can customize your portal and that of your end customers

  • Seamless access

    MaaS gives you seamless access and sync between cloud, managed and premise UC platforms