VOSS Solutions

Multi-Domain Management

The VOSS core framework powers our current UC management offerings; but it doesn't stop there.

What is Multi-Domain Management?

A highly scalable and extensible architecture with a modular building-block design that provides for virtually unlimited feature expansion capabilities. The VOSS Core framework accepts modularized "add-on" component applications, additional interfaces to outside systems, and provides unparalleled automation capability, all of which offer the ability to fit any business process or environment. The VOSS Core framework is engineered with a set of base features, on which the framework itself operates that are fundamental to its flexibility, scalability and its power.

Multiple Domains
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Security
  • Data and Event Reporting and Management
  • Consumer Video and Interactive TV
  • Broadband Data
  • CRM and Records Management
  • Billing and Order Management
  • HR and Payroll Processing
  • Database Systems, Web Services and Applications
  • Communications Platforms (UC/IP Telephony, Web Conferencing)
  • External Hardware Platform Configuration, Storage Solutions, and more

Dynamic Data Processing and Delivery

The VOSS Core framework acts as a Dynamic Data Processing and Delivery System, which provides a method for distributed processing of data and multi-threaded distribution within heterogeneous cluster-based and standalone server architectures.

The dynamic processing of data allows the VOSS Core framework to present data dynamically to the user(s), and page content and relative data is generated on-demand, along with Graphical User Interface (GUI) elements.

This same Dynamic Data Processing empowers the VOSS Core framework with distributed coordination and governance of systems it is managing, and it uses the data to continuously process operations on any connected external node, to adaptively process requests in real time.

Scripting Engine™

A unique feature of the VOSS Core framework is the extremely powerful Scripting Engine that can be used to automate external scriptable operations. This can include automatically configuring devices like routers and switches, executing external shell operations, file and data handling, and text-based data processing to name just a few.

Syntax agnostic, the Scripting Engine does not "speak" any specific language or syntax. This extends the reach of the VOSS Core framework outside of purely RESTful API communication and frees you to have complete, end-to-end automation.

Device Model Generator

The VOSS Core framework can automate the integration of applications and devices to be managed with its unique Device Model Generator that automatically generates the driver used to communicate with external applications and associated devices (like phones, and other communications devices).

The Device Model Generator is similar to a translator, allowing the VOSS Core framework to communicate with connected devices. Thanks to the modular nature of the VOSS Core framework, the Device Model Generator is the only component in the VOSS Core framework that needs to be modified should a device specification change. This reduces the potential for impact to the system, since the system can remain online the entire time.

The Device Model Generator is used to read each device-specific API and then configure the drivers (how the VOSS Core framework talks to the infrastructure), which in turn enables support for all of the features and settings within the respective devices. The device drivers are then used by the VOSS Core framework to dynamically generate the various user interfaces (GUI screens and Northbound APIs), and facilitate communication between external applications and associated devices; it can also allow the VOSS Core to communicate with the external devices on behalf of the related external application(s).

Flexible API Interface

API-enabled business systems and applications allow companies to rapidly deliver new business value and drive business agility. The VOSS Core framework facilitates the "next step" to fully automated business process execution.

The VOSS Core framework includes a flexible API interface, which provides a secure, central integration point between the framework's orchestration engine and external business processes and applications. Being RESTful, the VOSS Core framework simplifies the integration with external systems by reducing development complexity, time and cost.

This means that any external REST API-enabled business system or application can be managed and automated using the VOSS Core framework.

The VOSS Core framework uses the same RESTful API-based communication scheme internally for inter-and intra-application communication, following the JSON file format, which means that every page that is dynamically generated is also its own API. These page-level APIs provide access to the underlying data that results from the given page action performed, and can be directly accessed via the URI for the respective page.


The VOSS Core framework architecture is designed using a RESTful communication scheme, which facilitates several key benefits:

  • Interface simplicity: Enables broad integration with a virtually unlimited number of external systems and business processes
  • Modular applications and interfaces: Allows for on-the-fly addition or removal of "add-on" functionality, while the system is still running (i.e. no downtime)
  • Cached operation: Reduces the number of client-server interactions, enables load balancing, and faster performance
  • Multi-layer system processing: Allows distributed processing via the introduction of multiple intermediate processing and distribution nodes, which increases throughput, while preserving the interfaces between all nodes, and the actual number of nodes remains transparent to users
  • Client-server: Client nodes are not burdened by server functions (like data storage) and the server nodes can be kept simple, due to removing the need for managing interfaces between nodes, all of which lead to more scalable environments

Intelligent Service and Business Policy Management

The VOSS Core framework provides an infrastructure for hierarchical service and business policy management. This means that it is possible to partition the VOSS Core framework into multiple logical management systems (for providers of services or white label reselling), and each logical system can have an unlimited number of hierarchical management levels.

This hierarchical management methodology, coupled with the VOSS Core framework's advanced RBAC functionality, provides an extra dimension to business policy management, and feature and service access. It allows for granular control of every possible GUI field, link, menu or button that is exposed to users.

In fact, the tight policy control and intelligent service management can even allow for logical partitioning of external platforms, while preserving automation capabilities.