VOSS Solutions

VOSS for Microsoft UC

VOSS provides a simplified way to design, deploy, provision, and manage your Microsoft UC solution.
With VOSS-4-UC, you can manage complex UC requirements (cloud, on-premises, hybrid or multi-vendor solutions) through one simple user interface and with little to no experience administering Microsoft solutions.

Comprehensive UC management for Microsoft cloud and on-premise UC solutions

More and more organizations are taking advantage of the unique opportunity that Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business present to transform the way that they work. Making these solutions work in the context of your business is the challenge:

  • Are you migrating from a legacy Cisco or PBX environment and struggling to understand all of the moving parts?
  • Are you a large organization with complex UC needs, trying to manage the growing complexity of a multi-vendor environment?
  • Is your goal to move completely to Office 365 and Skype for Business but you lack the expertise to deliver and support the solution?
  • Are you a service provider looking to reduce the cost to serve your customers, or increase the speed of your deployments?

No matter which of these scenarios best describes your organization, VOSS can help you successfully migrate to and manage your Microsoft Skype for Business and Office 365 implementation.

VOSS helps customers implement a successful Microsoft UC environment by leveraging Microsoft’s Skype Operations Framework; a comprehensive and proven guide to successfully deploy and manage your implementation of Skype for Business.

Whether you are looking to get the full features and functionality of a comprehensive Office 365 solution, or deploying Skype for Business on its own, or simply looking to lower the support burden of your existing implementation, VOSS can help.

  • Migrate to Microsoft

    Find out how VOSS MiGR8-2-UC makes migration to Microsoft UC both seamless and painless

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  • Office 365 + VOSS

    Unlock the power of voice, meetings, and email in the Microsoft Cloud with VOSS

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  • Microsoft S4B Voice

    Automate and simplify your deployment of Skype for Business, on-premises or in the cloud

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  • Optimize Your UC

    Discover VOSS-4-UC, VOSS Analytics, and VOSS Assurance to enhance your Microsoft UC

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