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  • VOSS-4-UC Product Datasheet

    Taking care of design, delivery and operations management of UC infrastructures, VOSS-4-UC is the world's most advanced UC management platform, deployed by the world's largest service providers and organizations in the retail, manufacturing, finance, government, and health arena.

    At the heart of VOSS-4-UC is a business management layer that comprises an extensive array of UC management capabilities and pre-integration with UC vendor and business applications. This allows you to easily integrate your business processes and applications with a wide range of UC vendors and solutions.

    As a result, VOSS customers can create highly relevant, intelligent, and automated workflows that model business processes independent of the UC vendors and solutions deployed. Not only will the VOSS-4-UC business layer significantly lower your operating costs, it will also enable you to meet your business needs now and as they evolve in the future.

    Providing a highly intuitive administrative portal that gives controlled access to all underlying applications and devices that make up your UC solution, VOSS-4-UC can provide interfaces that meet the varying experiences required by your users, including UC experts, system administrators, NOC engineers, help desk personnel, and even administrators who have no UC experience.

    VOSS-4-UC Product Datasheet