VOSS Solutions

VOSS Assurance

VOSS Assurance integrates with VOSS-4-UC to enrich the data needed for monitoring and fault detection leading to faster resolution. Add business context to the technical data available from your UC solution to ensure quality service delivery.

How it works

VOSS Assurance automates the process of collecting machine generated data (both structured and unstructured) from multiple sources, combines it with data providing business context, then correlates it, analyzes it, and provides new insight into your business and operational performance.

Key features

  • UC service quality

    • Call-quality management and call-path analytics
    • Network health monitoring and fault isolation
  • Log analytics

    • Analysis of structured and unstructured log data with out of the box policies and configurable rules/thresholds
  • Application usage and performance

    • Rich insight into the application usage
    • Host performance of uptime, statistics, insider access, etc
  • Fault identification and resolution

    • Multi-threaded correlation to produce rich event monitoring
    • Automated corrective actions
  • Multi-vendor

    • Collect, correlate and alert on your entire UC / Network infrastructure
    • Support for Cisco, Microsoft, and Avaya solutions and related devices


  • Resolve problems faster (or avoid them altogether)

    • Time-sensitive and actionable data in one place
    • Supports the rapid resolution of service quality issues
    • Enables proactive identification and resolution of issues prior to user impact
    • No need to search through multiple systems and applications
    • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Exceed customer expectations

    • Deliver insightful, timely service quality metric reports
    • Further revenue opportunity by providing customer with devolved admin access and additional reports and analysis
  • Deploy quickly

    Exceptionally fast with rich OOB capability

  • Reduce costs

    Significantly lower license and operating expense

  • Enrich data

    Integrate with the wider VOSS-4-UC management suite