VOSS Solutions


  • VOSS Self-Service

    VOSS Self-service is a fully customizable, intuitive, and secure web-based portal for end user self management. It empowers end users to to manage their own services, features and devices, in real-time, from any smart device, wherever they are located.

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  • VOSS Business Admin Portal

    VOSS Business Admin Portal provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to quickly and accurately complete the most common MACD tasks with little-to-no UC or system training. Business Admin Portal complements VOSS Advanced Admin Portal which allows far broader and deeper access to technical configurations. 

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  • VOSS-4-UC Contact Center

    VOSS-4-UC Contact Center offers an integration between VOSS-4-UC and the contact center, enabling front and back office support from a single, highly intuitive administration portal.

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  • VOSS Analytics

    VOSS Analytics allows you to quickly retrieve information about users, devices, services, licenses and transactions, through an easy-to-use web-based portal. 

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  • VOSS-4-UC Northbound Integration

    Northbound Integration for VOSS-4-UC provides integration into billing, asset management and other northbound service management systems. It monitors for provisioning changes to subscribers or their associated devices and services, issues real-time billing updates northbound for charging, and controls this billing flow during initial customer provisioning.

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  • VOSS-4-UC ServiceNow Integration

    ServiceNow Integration from VOSS is an add-on module to VOSS-4-UC, which consumes and actions service requests that originate from ServiceNow, enabling organizations to drive efficiency and service response times when managing larger scale UC deployments.

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