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VOSS Benefits Calculator

The VOSS UC management platform includes automation, service management and selfcare that provides an average TCO saving of $300 per user over 5 years. For a 10,000 seat customer, that means savings of $3m over 5 years.

VOSS has teamed up with Mainstay Salire to create a benefits calculator, that helps service providers and enterprises work out how much they could save by deploying the VOSS software.

Choose a scenario

We have calculated some scenarios for you. Click on a link in the left hand menu, that best suits your business.

Try for yourself

We invite you to input some information about your organization to calculate how much you could save with the VOSS service fulfillment management platform.

How to use the tool:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the tool by reading the introductory page
  2. Input as much information as you can in the next 5 tabs
  3. View the savings that you could make in the “Summary” and “Benefits Projections” tab

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