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MiGR8-2-UC is a highly sophisticated product that has been designed to carry out big data UC migration projects. MiGR8-2-UC uses a revolutionary methodology to help organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services.

How it works

If you have ongoing and long term migration needs, it is possible to procure the MiGR8-2-UC product to support your organization's migration projects on an ongoing basis. MiGR8-2-UC has a comprehensive license tracking mechanism so that only the devices that are successfully migrated consume a license. This approach gives you the opportunity to plan and manage your UC migrations at your own pace.

MiGR8-2-UC supports multiple data sources and multiple target environments, which means that migrations can be achieved among various vendors, software versions and data formats.


Source Platforms
  • Avaya, Cisco, Ericsson, Mitel, Nortel, and more
  • CVS / Excel File
  • LDAP or AD
  • Legacy UC / PBX
  • Legacy VOSS

Web GUI - Admin & Site Survey


Legacy PBX discovery and export (multi-vendor)
Data extraction, clean, and normalization
Data transformation & enrichment
Review & edit
Final batch migration

Data Audit, Advanced Business Rules, Reporting, Analytics

Target Platforms
  • Bulk loader files
  • VOSS-4-UC
  • Direct to network

Migration scenarios

 Migration can be run as a stand-alone service or centralized management can be implemented as part of the migration to provide ongoing operational support. MiGR8-2-UC works across deployment models so regardless of your starting point or final UC solution destination (on-premise, cloud, hybrid) VOSS can support your scenario.

  • Cisco HCS Provider

    • Migrate your non-HCS environment to the latest Cisco HCS version
    • Onboard customers running legacy voice solutions to your HCS environment
    • Migrate any managed Cisco customers to your HCS environment
  • Managed Service Provider

    • Offer migration services to your customers to help them move to the latest UC solution or to a consolidated UC platform under your management
  • Enterprise / Government

    • Migrate your out-dated UC solution to the latest UC solution
    • Migrate your legacy TDM environment to the latest UC solution
    • Migrate from on-premise to a hosted or managed solution
  • Platform Redesign

    • Optimize your platform design while migrating .
    • Introduce new services and devices, change your dial plan, enhance regions or device pools, and more
    • Perform mass MACDs during your migration to reduce effort and disruption